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Manufacture of custom parts with CNC

Manufacture of custom parts with CNC


Precision machining of small and medium series from steel, stainless steel, aluminum and engineering plastics.

The possibilities are endless:

  • In the manufacture of appliances and parts, we typically design and manufacture unique products. In addition to precise execution, short deadlines and the right raw materials guarantee the longevity of our products and the maximum satisfaction of our customers. The unique parts we produce are used in a very wide area. From the automotive industry to the packaging industry to the food industry, there are many uses where they can be used. Upon request, we undertake the repair, refurbishment and re-production of defective or worn parts in addition to the individual pieces. 
  •  We also work on a sample or finished design or design the desired component.
  • Completed parts are subjected to quality control and measurement reports to guarantee product conformity.